Tech quote of the day

I just don’t see the tons of crazy new ideas that I did a few years ago. Things that are genuinely new and interesting.

Yeah, yeah, mobile. I get it. Everything’s mobile these days. LET’S GO MO-BILE! But really that’s just an IQ test. When you see bold new startups with nothing but a desktop strategy, you know they just don’t get it and you move on.

But really a lot of the mobile stuff out there is just radioactive decay from the iPhone launching in 2007.


Old news! Ancient platforms!

Yeah, the iPhone and Android are great. But seriously, look at the top headline grabbers in tech news in 2012. Apple. Google. Facebook. Microsoft. Christ. It might as well still be 2007.

Michael Arrington. I have to agree that the launch of the iPhone in 2007 was the last super-meaningful technology change since then.

Happy New Year.