Political quote of the day 2

The growing consensus among wingnuts that shutting down the government is the best way to handle the debt limit gives me a (political) erection. Do it. Shut it down. Stop those SS checks. Shut down all the services people need on a daily basis. Stop the payments. It worked so well for Gingrich.

The Democrats appear to have learned and will refuse to negotiate with the terrorists, so it will be all on the GOP. When the blue hairs stop getting their SS checks and the military has former Generals on every cable channel talking about how lack of funds is impeding their ability to perform their mission, it will truly be a site to see. Can’t wait for it.

Bring it on.

John Cole of Balloon Juice.

I totally agree.  The President should not ask for a debt limit increase. Rather, he should simply notify Congress that the limit has been reached and it is up to them to increase it so that the government can borrow to pay expenditures previously authorized by Congress