TSA pulls the pornoscanners

TSA has announced that it is removing all the remaining pornoscanners from the nation’s airports.

However, replacement scanners will be put in place. The replacement scanners will not display a clear body image, but will rely on displaying avatars. So they are more private, but not necessarily any safer or effective. And even worse, the TSA says that the pornoscanners will not be mothballed, but rather will be moved to other government facilities “that might not require the same level of privacy called for in a crowded airport.” I suggest that they be put to use in all offices of the TSA, beginning with the headquarters of the TSA.

One thought on “TSA pulls the pornoscanners”

  1. I agree with you that more scanners should be used in more places. Perhaps in coordination with digital video cameras with facial recognition in ALL public rights of way, without exception. Freedom through security.

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