Dumb ass of the week

Stupid is as stupid does.

The theater manager at a Jefferson City, MO, theater decided it would be a good idea to arrange to have a man in full body armor with fake guns walk into a movie theater on the night of the release of the latest Iron Man movie. Needless to say, chaos reigned.

“We received a series of 911 calls stating that a man dressed in all black and body armor and a rifle was walking into Capital 8 Theaters,” said [Jefferson City Police] Capt. Doug Shoemaker.

Officers thought they were responding to an active shooter investigation.

“Everything was in place, it’s the opening night of a superhero movie, it’s somebody walking in all-dark clothes, everything pointed to bad things about to happen,” said Shoemaker. “There’s really no good that can come of this.”

Instead, it was all part of a publicity stunt for the movie opening. The man in tactical gear was an actor carrying a fake gun.

Capital 8 Theaters manager Bob Wilkins told ABC 17 News this was planned months in advance and only a few people were upset, but hundreds were entertained.