Amazing video of Apple’s “spaceship” campus

Before his death, Steve Jobs approved the designed for a new Apple campus in Cupertino. The site is a former HP campus, which was completely demolished.  The new Apple structures on the site are said to resemble a futuristic spaceship theme, although I think that is a bit far-fetched.

Here are a couple of design documents for the project:




Construction is now well underway. Check out this drone-based video showing the current state of progress on the site. Best watched full-screen and HD.


Political quote of the day

Is there any reason to believe that military drones will soon be hovering over Manhattan, aiming to kill Americans believed to be involved in terrorist financing? No.

But is it well past time for the United States government to specify, precisely, its views on whom it thinks it can kill in the struggle against Al Qaeda and other terrorist forces? The answer is yes.

The Obama administration’s continued refusal to do so should alarm any American concerned about the constitutional right of our citizens — no matter what evil they may or may not be engaged in — to due process under the law.

Ryan Goodman, professor of law and co-chairman of the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at New York University.