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Unlock the potential of YOUR COMMUNITY to
drive smarter consumption.

We believe in the power of connected communities to enable Smarter Consumption

Smarter Consumption is the sharing of under used items with people who want to use but don’t want to own.

Smarter Consumption is providing access to items, making money and inspiring others whilst at the same time allowing others to use products only when they need them and enjoy the benefits.

Join us in living a ‘#Freer Life’ where we all consume less, enjoy life more and promote sustainable communities.


Does your charity, association, school or club want to
raise extra funds?

#1 Sign up

Complete the form below. We will then run some checks to validate your organisation.

#2 Download The Freer App

Upon registration we will send you links to download the app if you have not done so already.

#2 Become Verified

In order to receive funds through the Freer App and comply with Anti Money Laundering regulations you will need to verify your identity. You can do this directly within the Freer App by going to the Main Menu / My Account / Verification. Here you will complete our government standard identification process.

#2 Share your Link and start earning for your organisation.

Once verified you will be able to log onto your organisation console on this page. There you will find your unique shareable link. Share this link with your organisation's community, colleagues and members and receive commission each time they lend and rent. The strength and connectivity of the community could become an important part of your fundraising budget.