Where members lend their goods, ideas, skills and experiences and provide renters with access to things they want and need, without the burden of ownership.
Together, Freer communities contribute to sustainability, smarter consumption and a more connected society.

Sharing creates connections.

Sharing creates opportunities.

Sharing creates sustainability.

It really is this simple...

Lend almost whatever you want, to open new doors for your community.

Rent almost whatever you need, and avoid the commitment of ownership.

Save time, money and space. #BeFreer

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What is Freer? X Q: What is Freer?A : Freer is a community platform that allows like-minded people to share items between themselves to reduce consumption and save money. Communities are stronger when they cooperate and work together. Freer believes almost anything you want to use already exists in your community. Is Freer environmentally friendly? X Q: Is Freer environmentally friendly?A : By using the Freer platform, you are playing your part in reducing consumption, helping the planet and earning or saving money in the process. Freer is a great way to get access to stuff and feel good whilst you’re doing it. Freer puts access over ownership so people can enjoy everyday items without owning them. Which items can I list on Freer? X Q: Which items can I list on Freer?A : You can list almost any item on Freer. Please refer to our prohibited items list to find out about items that we don’t allow. How do I lend my items on Freer? X Q: How do I lend my items on Freer?A : Lending items on Freer is simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Use the List feature in the app to create a listing for your item.
2. As the lender, set how much you want to earn from the item.
3. Add photos and set House Rules so Renters know what’s allowed and not allowed with your item.
4. Set dates when your item is not available for rental
5. Once you are happy with your item listing Post it so it’s public.

When someone wants to rent your item, you’ll be notified. If you are happy to go ahead confirm the booking in the app and the renter will be notified.
How do I rent an item on Freer? X Q: How do I rent an item on Freer?A : Renting awesome items on Freer is easy - follow these steps:

1. Search for items in the app using the Discover feature.
2. Save it to view later or read on to start the rental process.
3. Set the dates you want the item and confirm.
4. Click Rent, next the total cost of the rental will be shown. If you are happy to go.
ahead, click Book to send your rental request to the lender.

Your booking is Pending until confirmed by the Lender, once the booking is paid for and confirmed the lender’s details will be shared with you and you arrange to pick up the item.
When do I pick up and return an item? X Q: When do I pick up and return an item?A : Items are available from 0900 on the day of rental for pickup through to 0900 on the day of return. Each day of rental equals a 24-hour period. Lenders and Renters are free to negotiate different pick up and return times between themselves as required but we suggest you use the in-app message function to avoid confusion and create a trail of dialogue. How do I arrange pick up of the item? X Q: How do I arrange pick up of the item?A : After booking the item the lender is sent a message to confirm the rental. When the rental has been confirmed the lender’s details will be sent to the renter - which can be found in the upcoming rentals section of My Freer. If you do not feel comfortable going to someone’s house to collect the item, we strongly recommend meeting in a public location. Is Freer Covid safe? X Q: Is Freer Covid safe?A : Please respect social distancing and other Covid-19 precautions as per the relevant jurisdiction. We strongly recommend that the lender cleans the item thoroughly on return using appropriate materials. If as a renter you are concerned, ask the lender to clean the item in front of you.

We further highly recommend meeting outdoors to hand the item over and do not enter a person’s home to collect.

To help protect the lender we strongly advise that renters clean the item thoroughly before returning it.
As a lender how do I get paid? X Q: As a lender how do I get paid?A : Freer currently uses the PayPal payment gateway. Renters can pay using their PayPal account or by using a debit or credit card. When the rental booking is confirmed and the renter pays, we deduct the renter's account. At the moment we pay lenders on the 1st and 15th of the month but we are looking to improve the frequency of payments, so payment is made 24 hours after the booking is undertaken.

If for some reason we are not able to collect funds from the renter’s card or PayPal account we will cancel the booking.
How does Freer make money? X Q: How does Freer make money?A : Freer charges a service fee to both the lender and the renter. This amounts to 10% of the transaction charge for both the lender and the renter. By way of example, if an item is listed for £10 per day and is rented for 1 day, the lender will receive £9, and the renter will pay £11. We have costs of maintaining the app and are charged for the identification and verification process and each transaction, so we clearly need to cover all our costs. What happens if my item is returned late? X Q: What happens if my item is returned late?A : In some cases, late fees will be applied to the renter and you will receive compensation for your item being returned late. Freer does not allow back to back bookings for your item to ensure you are not inconvenienced if an item is returned late and the next renter will be able to rent the item. When do late fees apply? X Q: When do late fees apply?A : Late fees will apply for any item returned after the agreed return time and are accrued as follows; A day rate for the item equivalent to 150% of the standard daily rate for item plus an administration fee of £50 for the item. How are disputes handled? X Q: How are disputes handled?A : By signing up to Freer you also agree to the Freer Code which is a way in which we’d like to see the app operate. Freer works hard to create an environment of mutual respect and in which people feel safe and secure. Lenders and renters share items in good faith, but we acknowledge things can go wrong. We believe lenders and renters should act in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and the rules that we have put in place for the community. In the unlikely event there is an issue then lenders and renters should look to resolve amicably between themselves. If agreement cannot be reached Freer will look to assist in this dispute resolution and therefore reserves the right to have the final say on this outcome. How do I know the renter or lender is genuine? X Q: How do I know the renter or lender is genuine?A : Trust and community are at the heart of the Freer platform. All renters and lenders must pass our identity verification process before they are able to rent or lend items through Freer. We work with our identity verification partner (Yoti) to ensure renters and lender are who they say they are. If you do not feel safe picking up or returning an item, or having someone come to your house to collect, please contact the renter or lender and request a mutually convenient collection or drop off location. You should not feel under any pressure to go to a specific location to commence a rental. If you feel you are being pressured cancel the rental and inform Freer at : joe@freer.com. How do I know my item will be returned in good condition? X Q: How do I know my item will be returned in good condition?A : Renters are required to keep any borrowed item in the same condition as at the start of the rental period – with fair wear and tear considered. A photo or video should be taken of the item with the borrower in shot when the item is handed over. What happens if things go wrong? X Q: What happens if things go wrong?A : Every effort should be made between Lender and Renter to resolve any dispute between themselves. If a dispute cannot be resolved between the two parties, Freer offers a dispute resolution service. Contact us at admin@freer.com to start a case. What happens if my item is lost or stolen? X Q: What happens if my item is lost or stolen?A : Please see the terms and conditions but once the renter has collected the item, they are responsible for it. If they lose the item, they must replace the item for a similar item in terms of value and use. In order to gauge the value of the item we would require receipts or documentation to prove value or if in the case of dispute, Freer will establish the value of an item. Can I cancel a rental? X Q: Can I cancel a rental?A : Item bookings can be cancelled up to 48 hours before the rental is due to start with no penalty. Bookings cancelled within 48 hours of the start of the rental or during the rental period will incur the full booking fee. Please contact the lender as soon as possible if you wish to cancel. Cancellation of the item reservation, the "Rental" by the Lender within 48 hours may incur a penalty fee equal to 50% of the total Rental charge. Please see Terms and Conditions for full details on fees for rental cancellations by both the lender and the renter. How is my data managed? X Q: How is my data managed?A : You can read our privacy policy for more information on how we manage your data. Freer will comply with all applicable requirements of the Data Protection Legislation. This Clause is in addition to, and does not relieve, remove, or replace, our obligations or your rights under the Data Protection Legislation.

We have had a security review on our app to ensure that it is as safe and secure as possible and continually monitor and upgrade our security arrangements.
Do you sell on the data to third parties? X Q: Do you sell on the data to third parties?A : No. Who owns the content on Freer? X Q: Who owns the content on Freer?A : You own your own content on Freer but by listing your item you allow us to use this royalty free in any of our materials. See the Terms and Conditions for more information.

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