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Lend whatever you want. Rent whatever you need.

Unlocking the power of communities to deliver smarter consumption

Freer is a platform for the lending and renting of everyday underused items.

Freer allows lenders to list their items, track them and earn money. Renters can access the things they want and need without the burden of ownership and storage, and save money in the process.

Together, Freer communities contribute to sustainability, smarter consumption and a more connected society.

Sharing creates connections.

Sharing creates sustainability.

Sharing creates opportunities.

Lending Background

It really is this simple

Lend almost whatever you want…

…to open new doors for your community

Rent almost whatever you need…

…and avoid the commitment of ownership

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Create a wanted request in the community and you’ll be notified when it is listed

Rent dont buy

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Rent freer

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