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Freer Code

What is the Freer Code?

Freer was established with the purpose of building stronger and more self sustaining communities. Freer strengthens these communities by connecting individuals who lend and rent items to and from one another.

Freer works hard to create an environment in which renters and lenders feel safe and ensure trust is maintained in the community. The strength of the Freer community comes from the trust, convenience, connectivity, and sustainability that it generates. This Freer Code, together with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, establishes the agreement between lenders, renters and Freer.

The Freer Code

Best intentions. Lenders and renters share items between themselves in good faith and with the best of intentions. Lenders should ensure their items are clean and working effectively, and issue guidance or instructions where appropriate. Renters should treat an item as if their own and ensure it is returned in the same condition as when they rented it.

Clear communication. Ensure that communication is clear and that you ask questions if you are uncertain regarding any aspect of the product rental or lending. Be polite and courteous in all communications and refrain from technical jargon that may confuse others. Transactions and messages must remain on the Freer platform as we cannot assist once communications have begun outside of the platform.

Item Condition. Ensure all items are tested, cleaned, and functional. Prior to all lending transactions, the lender should demonstrate the item; video evidence should be taken by the lender (with the renter present) to confirm the condition and operation of the item. Items should be treated with respect, care and with regard to other Freer community members.

Collection and Drop off - Arrange locations, and pickup and drop off times in advance and ensure the lender or renter is notified immediately of any issues. Lending begins at 09:00 on the day of rental but the lender and renter may arrange times to suit themselves. If the item is not ‘checked in’ by 09:00 the following day, notifications are sent unless lenders and renters have agreed to other arrangements.

Dependability. When you request to rent an item, you agree to the rules we've put in place for our community. Lenders should only accept requests for which they intend to proceed, and renters are expected to fulfill the rental once accepted by the lender - this is important for maintaining trust. Items with any issues should be removed from the Freer platform.

Prohibited Items. You can rent or lend most items on Freer, but to maintain the safety of our community some categories of products are restricted. Please refer to the Prohibited and Restricted Items list.

Disputes. There may be cases of an issue between a lender and renter either by late return, perceived damage or non-return of an item. Should there be an issue, users should first look to resolve any dispute amicably and in good faith between themselves. Freer will look to assist when all other avenues of dispute resolution have been exhausted.

Reviews. These are an important part of building and maintaining trust in the community. Community members will benefit from the reviews you write about the lender or renter, as well as the products being used. The community is strengthened by having access to real, honest and truthful reviews from the members who use the Freer platform.

Sustainability. Being a member of the Freer community enhances its sustainability. For every item rented - and not purchased – we support sustainability of both our local and global ecosystems. Be a part of Freer and be awesome to each other and the planet!